Our Services

4. Local Missions

We travel to Philadelphia once a month and serve food, toiletries, clothes, shoes, coats and other items to the homeless under the bridge.


In October 2018 we took relief to  North Carolina after the  hurricane. Also we sent relief to victims of Harvey, Irma and Maria


5. Christmas under the Bridge Project

Every year in December we travel to Philadelphia and give out coats, clothing, shoes, sanitary kits and a meal to the homeless. 

6. International Missions

Every year we try to do an international mission. We traveled to Jamaica twice in 2017 and took shoes and toys.

In 2019 we plan on traveling to the Dominican Republic and St. Kitts and Nevis

In  2020 we will be going to Nairobi Kenyaan


scholastic items to


 We got these shoes off a young boy in Jamaica. He had them on in school when we visited his school. We were able to give him a new pair.


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Friends can Make it Happen is a 501 (c) 3 charitable Org.

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