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300 million people in the world have no shoes, and 1 in every 4 homeless American is a Vet.

Donate your used shoes for a good cause.

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MARCH 23rd                                                      PHILADELPHIA STREET MISSION

The Philadelphia street mission was held on March 23rd at Kensington and Cambria.

Kensington is well known as the heroin camp. Many of the homeless are Philadelphia natives or have lived in the city for more than a year.

In October of 2018 Mayor Jim Kenney declared a disaster in Kensington.

We work with local ministries "Team Sion and Jesus Loves You Ministries" and we also take a group of people to give out sanitary kits, a hot meal, shoes, clothing and share with them the good news of Jesus.

Our next trip is APRIL 20th join us!

March 1st - May 31


Karamoja is found in the Northern Part of Uganda. The political instability by the rebel leader Joseph  Kony paralyzed the entire northern religion. FCMIH has partnered with local leaders to help out. The Karamonjog tribe depends on cattle keeping. They walk miles and miles in the jungles to tend to their cattle.These sandals mean a lot to them, they to protect their feet, and they are durable.  They are made out of old car tires, and can last for a life time. FCMIH will be buying 500 pairs of sandals to support the people of Karamoja. You can participate in this drive by hosting a sandal drive for them, or you can donate online $2 or more, and lives will be touched, and changed. Thank you for your support.



Each Year we host in event in the city of Hazleton to benefit the homeless and needy families of Hazleton. The Hand4Hazle mission, was held at the YWCA. We served a meal, gave out winter items, such as coats, blankets, boots, sanitary kits and share the love of Christ and instill hope to the hopeless. We got a donation of $250 from CNB to

purchase blankets for the homeless during this cold weather. Kuddo's to all our friends, volunteers and partners for making this event a success!

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