Angela McNally

   Founder and President


Did You Know?

One Billion people in the world have no shoes or inadequate footwear.

One Billion children are multi-dimensionally poor, meaning they lack basic necessities such as clean water, food, housing and medical care.

One hundred fifty million people or about two percent in the world are homeless to some extent.                                     

Housing is a human right and homelessness violates that right.

We can't help all of them but surely the one's we can help counts.

Be the change you want to see. Help someone in need today

in your city, community, neighborhood, school, church, and nation.

Happening Now!


Operation 9 Villages is an evangelism Outreach mission that derives its name from the 9 famous villages Jesus went to.

1. Canna

2. Capernaum

3. Nazareth

4. Bethany

5. Samaria

6. Jericho

7. Bethlehem

8. Judea

9, Nain

This mission goes village to village sharing the Gospel with actions. We have a team on ground in Uganda led by Pastor Enoch Tumwebazi and a team on ground in Zambia led by Pastor Chiyuni Kanyama. Many lives have been impacted and villages transformed. Many Souls have come to Christ, and many have been baptized.

We were able to drill 2 wells for clean water in Uganda in 2023 and 2024. We also helped build new church buildings and roof existing ones.  We also started a Pastor's development fund to help Pastor stand on their own.


Mission Trip Dominican Republic

Paying it Forward


This year in March we embarked on a mission Trip to the Dominican Republic. This has been so far the longest mission trip. We have been based in Jarabacoa and Hato Mayor. 

In Jarabacoa we have been working with the poor of the poorest in a small refugee camp in La Joya.

La Joya is filled with Haitian Immigrants who left Haiti in search of a better life. The living conditions are very poor. Many live in little shack's and when it rains, they can't sleep because it rains inside the house. There's no sewer, no electricity, no food, no jobs, no medical care, or basic human necessities.


In Hato Mayor we are working with Pastor Ysreal who works with the local children. The area is well known for drug dealers and prostitutes. Pastor Ysreal does programs for the children who are left alone because their parents are out on the streets.  We partnered with him and started a local thrift store.  Proceeds from the store go to support the children and the ministry. 




Every year at Thanksgiving we collect Turkeys and hand them out to our local police and fire department. In the recent years there a divide between the police and the community, and this mission is to help bridge that gap.  For some children the first time they saw a police officer was when they came to their door to arrest their parent. Many view officers as a threat, and not for their protection. So, we started this program to bring awareness of the importance of the Police to us and the community. Through this project we give turkeys as a token of thanks to our local enforcement officers for their service. We gather a group of children and people and go to police departments and celebrate with them and the children get to ask all the questions they need to in order to help them feel safe and understand the role of the officer in the community.




Each Christmas we go to Kensington Philadelphia and celebrate the birth of Jesus with the unwanted, unloved and unwelcomed under the bridge. We take a Christmas Tree and the homeless get to decorate it. We take a hot meal, clothing, shoes and coats, blankets and Christmas Stocking and pass them out.



Bikes for Kids In Need


We recently distributed used bikes to kids in need in Hazleton. I will never forget this 9-year-old girl telling me she has never had a bike in her life. It was a blessing to give her a bike and the smile on her face was priceless.

Thank you, Friends, for supporting us and making it happen for them.



Hazleton City Community Clean Up Project. We pick a Saturday and a section of our community and go around cleaning up the trash.  It's our community, therefore our responsibility.

Each year we host an event in the city of Hazleton to benefit the less fortunate children in our area. The beginning of school can often be stressful for families who do not have enough finances to provide for their children's school supplies. We try to ease that burden by providing backpack's full of school supplies and gently worn clothes and shoes. We are always in need of back packs and school supplies such as pencils, pens, erasers, notebooks, rulers, etc. If you would like to donate or volunteer, please contact us at:




Sandal Fundraiser

Our Sandal fundraiser is still going on.

Did you know? In Africa some sandals are made from used tires. Because of that the sole of the sandal never wears out. With your gift of $2.00 you can give someone a pair of sandals for a lifetime. 

Alert!  Alert!

We are now Collecting School Supplies, Bikes, Shoes, Clothes, Blankets, Toys and Canned Foods.  To DONATE, please call 1-570-578-2627 or email us at fcmih2019@gmail.com/friendscanmakeithappen.org

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