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300 million people in the world have no shoes, and 1 in every 4 homeless American is a Vet.

Donate your used shoes for a good cause.

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Oliver's Backpack's 2020

Meet 6 year old Oliver Doyle helping local kids in need #Oliversbackpacks


Oliver’s backpacks was started because of a chance meeting in September of 2018 (although we know it was divine intervention).
At that time we were visiting our Aunt Judy in assisted living every day as she recovered from her cancer treatment. We would usually do our errands visiting her so that we did not take in any extra germs to her. Oliver decided that day Judy needed a snack (which was usually something he liked so they could share) so we deviated from our usual pattern.
On this particular day, after many days of trying to convince his parents that he needed a backpack this little homeschooled child was finally going to get his wish. It was well after school had started so there was only a clearance bin of backpacks left. At first glance the clearance bin was by passed and we walked to the back but quickly realized we would go back to the clearance bin. As we approached the bin we noticed a lady with a cart full of backpacks. Oliver quickly approached her and started to inquire why in the world did she have so many back packs. Mom listened enough to make sure Oliver wasn’t being kidnapped as she looked for a backpack for him. The kind woman explained that she worked with a ministry called Friends Can Make It Happen and they work to help people who are in need. One of their ministries is to give backpacks to kids who would other wise not have them. Oliver could not believe that there were kids who did not have every thing that they need (or want). As Mom listened it became very clear to her that they were placed in Walmart that day for a reason. It was then that they offered to purchase backpacks to contribute to the ministry. It was then that they became a part of the ministry and Oliver’s backpacks was born.


Now collecting bikes:  Jan 15th-August 20th



Last Summer we gave away 30 used bikes to kids in need in our area. This year we our goal is collect 50 bikes or more to benefit kids in need locally. Think back when you were a kid, the kind of freedom a bike brought to you. Every kid deserves a bike. Donate your used/ new bike for a good cause.


















Each Christmas  we go to Kensington Philadelphia and celebrate the birth of Jesus with the unwanted, unloved and unwelcomed.

This year we took with us Santa Aka Kensington Santa and a Christmas Tree Aka the Kensington Tree. We served between 300-500 people that day.






Each Year around Thanksgiving time we go to our local police for a visit. This program helps bridge the gap between the police and the community. We get to meet our officers and they get to meet the locals as well.





Friends Can Make It Happen is a mission of JourneyMate Church.

We acquired the former St. Francis of Assisi Church in West Hazleton as our new home.

We are working on the piping and heating and soon we will be open for services.

We will keep you updated on this! We give God all the glory and all the honor.














We Participated for the first time in the Hazleton City Funfest. Looking forward to 2020 event.

SEND A CHILD BACK TO SCHOOL ( Backpacks Mission)







We collected 300, backpacks and other scholastic materials and donate it to kids in need in the Philadelphia and Hazleton areas.

Thank you for supporting children's education. Together we can make it happen for them.

Bikes for Kids In Need


On Saturday August 24th we distributed used bike kids in need. I will never for get this  9 year old telling me she's never had a bike in her life. It was a blessing to give her a bike. That was her first time to own a bike and her smile on her face was priceless.

Thank you Friends for supporting us and making it happen for them. #FCMIHBIKES4KIDS


Raising money to buy used bikes to benefit kids in need in the Hazleton Area. #FCMIHBIKES4KIDS


Hazleton City Community Clean Up Project.  Volunteers always welcome.

It's our city, therefore our responsiblity






June 29, 2019


June 29th we will once again be in Philly. We will be providing meals, haircuts, sharing the word of God and praying for anyone who would like prayer. Please pray for us as our team of approximately 30 people go into the drug infested streets to proclaim the gospel of Jesus with action.

August Before School Starts


Each year we host in event in the city of Hazleton to benefit the less fortunate children in our area. The beginning of school can often be stressful for families who do not have enough finances to provide for their children's school supplies. We try to ease that burden by providing backpack's full of school supplies and gently worn clothes and shoes. We are always in need of back packs and school supplies such as pencils, pens, erasers, notebooks, rulers, etc. If you would like to donate or volunteer please contact us at 1-570-636-1383. You can also mail a donation to

52 Foster Avenue Freeland, Pa 18224.

Our Karamoja Sandal fundraiser is still going on.

Did you know? In Africa some sandals are made from used tires. Because of that the sole of the sandal never wears out. With your gift of $2.00 you can give someone a pair of sandals for a lifetime. 

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