Our Projects

Hand for Hazleton   #Hand4Hazle

Every February we set up at the YWCA in Hazleton, Pa.  We give away coats, clothes, shoes, blankets, toys, and food to the homeless and the needy in our community. We meet with the people and socialize as well as help them with resources such as info on shelters, AA meetings, counseling services and many more.


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The bus Station Mission

Send a Child Back to School Project

Every August we go to the Hazleton Housing Authority and provide backpacks, school supplies, shoes and clothing to the children and their families. This program helps meet  children's educational needs so that they can reach their full potential in school. Last year we served 300 children.  This year our target is to provide for 500 children or more in Hazleton, Freeland, Philadelphia and Wilkes Barre areas


No investment is better than investing in a child's education.


Children are our future. Help us, help them.



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Birthday Party Project

Every year in October, we have a homeless birthday party at the YWCA. We provide a meal, birthday cake and give out clothing, shoes, and sanitary kits. On this day we celebrate all our homeless friends' birthdays. It makes them feel human again and loved.