08. February 2019
We met Joe at the bus station. He has been homeless for several years. He is such a kindhearted man. He is always eager to help others. Joe traveled with us to North Carolina for a five day trip to take relief to the hurricane victims. When we came home, he did not want to go back to the streets. Joe stayed on our couch for a month. Within that time he was able to secure a job and a room which he rents.
08. February 2019
Rob was on the street due to alcohol and drug addiction. When we found him, he was sober but still struggling to get off the street. He was able to get an apartment and we were able to help furnish it.
08. February 2019
Wendy lost her home due to sickness and she fell prey to a financial scam. She was homeless for 6 months. We took her in and let her sleep on our couch. Within 3 weeks we were able to help her to get an apartment.
08. February 2019
Ann and Anthony are mother and son. Ann's husband passed away and their son Anthony has severe autism. Struggling to meet the needs of her son, we met Ann and Anthony as they were walking cross country in search of a better life. We were able to get them a hotel for 2 nights to rest and shower and have a warm meal. We also gave them new shoes and clothes, and shared the love of Jesus with them.


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